Timeline of Events

The Timeline for the Adventure:

9.29 August

  • 1st: Bann Krole Sends Russel to Denerim along with some workmen to sell the Summer Harvest and raise money for Arl Neruda.
  • 28th: Russel sells the harvest and meets Isaak, They set out for Arl Neruda’s Lands.

9.29 Kingsway

  • 29th: Russel and Isaak get to the Neruda Keep, are tasked with retrieving the Arl’s children, fight darkspawn and save the children. They uncover a plot by the Arl’s Seneschal but make no mention of it to the Arl.

9.29 Harvestmere

  • 9th: Russel and Isaak meet Andana and make it to Vintiver where they discover a slaughtered farmstead. They pacify some angry villagers.
  • 10th: The group sets out to uncover the origins of the deaths in Vintiver. They discover a Raided Dalish Caravan and set out to find what happened to the elves. They fight revengers.
  • 11th: The group discovers the Dalish dungeon and free the elves. They race against time to find and kill the abomination known as Mythallen before it destroys Vintiver.
  • 12th: Russel slays the abomination and the village is saved. There is a party and Russel gets ‘lucky’.
  • 16th: The party leaves Vintiver and travels to the Ruswold
  • 20th: Upon arriving in the Ruswold, the group of heroes finds out everything that had been going on. They meet Bann Trumhall and Garrick ‘The Dog’. They also meet Jet, Trumhall’s dog.
  • 21st: The group, joined by Garrick, meet Valdur Krole and fight off some bandits, capturing two.
  • 22nd: The group takes the two bandits to Trumhall and Russel executes one. They use the second as a guide through the forest. In Logerswold Russel manages to recruit another sword to his side, Ridyk, one of Krole’s men and they head into the woods. Ambushed in a ravine, the party loses Ridyk and Garrick, also injured, is sent back with the body.
  • 23rd: The Heroes fight and defeat Waldric the Gore-Handed and recover proof that he was in league with the bandits.
  • 25th: With the aid of Isaak and Andana, Russel executes a plan to oust Trumhall who had been in league with the bandits all along. Trumhall challenges Russel to a duel to the death. Russel wins and Krole is once more named Bann. Despite having some second thoughts, Russel executes Trumhall.
  • 28th: After appearing to be on his last legs for several days, Garrick makes a complete recovery after a visit from Isaak. With Trumhall’s men gone, he decides to stay in the valley.
  • Satinalia Annum: Russel is Knighted and given Trumhall’s old encampment. Andana leaves for the nearby city of South Reach to sell some of the acquired materials.

9.29 Firstfall

  • The First Snow covers the Ruswold, it keeps getting colder.
  • Andana joins the Ilashan Dalish.
  • Isaak Starts his own herbalism shop, heals Krole.
  • Russel fortifies his compound with a low palisade, builds a second building.
  • Garrick takes up hunting for a living and becomes head hunter at Russel’s hunting lodge.
  • Jet warms up to Russel and Garrick.
  • Krole settles back into his role as bann.
  • On the last day of Firstfall, Andana leaves for the Ruswold bearing a message from Keeper Orellis to Russel.

9.29 Haring

  • 4th: Andana reaches the Ruswold, recruits the rest of the group for Orellis, they leave for Vintiver.
  • 6th: The heroes arrive in Vintiver, spend the night.
  • 7th: The heroes make it to the Dalish at dusk, discover something is amiss, a young boy had been killed. Ruling out suicide, the party discovers that the killer had been some sort of shapeshifter. They are tasked by Orellis to discover the true source of the darkness in the Brecilian Forest.
  • 8th: Party heads towards the ruins, arrives there and fights undead, who nearly beat them. They also find a shade and uncover lost treasure. At night, Garrick is awoken by a werewolf who tells him ‘he smells like the child-killer’ before giving chase to something or someone.
  • 9th: Party finds the Werewolf’s remains, finds the child-killer’s lair. Tensions arise in the part due to some of Andana’s actions. Isaak attunes himself to elemental magic thanks to a nexus of power. The group also discovers a fang-like symbol they associate with the child killer.
  • 10th: Party finds a ruined elven manor, they fight a demonic tree and uncover a Tevinter puzzle device. They manage to find it and recover Tevinter treasure, a diary and a Blood Magic manual. Garrick gets trapped next to the Lyrium device, slowly being irradiated. Andana and Russel catch a glimpse of the Apostate for the first time, as he throws them Lirresh’s head. Isaak is going slowly mad from all the Lyrium energy in the air while Garrick is slowly dying. The group rescue the chasind but he is worse for wear. They camp.
  • 12th: After 24 hours spent resting around the campfire after finding Lirresh’s body and burning it, the group starts for the last set of ruins.
  • 13th: The group finds the Elven ruins and, after fighting blight wolves, bears and Undead, uncover the true source of the Brecilian’s Evil: An eluvian, a magic artifact from far in the past. They decide to keep its existence secret.
  • 14th: The group marches toward the Dalish camp but are forced to rest. The blood magic manual is stolen and Andana gives chase. She confronts and nearly kills the Apostate but in the end she flees when he sees him turning into some black beast, but not before wounding him.
  • 15th: Getting to the camp, the group persuades the Dalish to leave for the Ruswold before a coming storm hits. The dalish pack up and prepare to leave.
  • 16th: The elves and the group leave but are stopped by some of the local bann’s men lead by the bann’s elder son. The elves are being charged with the child-killer’s deeds. Russel intervenes and is attacked and the elves jump to defend him.The four knights are captured and the elves are now technically outlaws, as are the heroes. Russel And Andana meet up with Tarl Dale and leave to stand trial on behalf of the elves while Garrick and Isaak lead the elves through the wilds towards the Ruswold.
  • 17th: After spending the night in Vintiver, Russel and Andana head to Astram Keep, the seat of Bann Villem. They are greeted by the man and decide to bow down to his judgement. The elves travel uneventfully.
  • 18th: Russel and Andana head back to Vintiver to gather evidence. An old elf breaks his leg and the elves have to carry him.
  • 19th: Russel and Andana gather evidence. The elves, lead by Garrick and Isaak cross a Ravine as the blizzard picks up. Two elves go missing at night.
  • 20th: Russel And Andana gather more evidence. The blizzard gets stronger. A child goes missing and when the two heroes give chase along with two elves they are ambushed by wolves. The elves find an abandoned cabin and pile up inside to sleep in it.
  • 21st: Russel And Andana head back to Astram keep. Russel talks to Ser Royce. The elves are awakened to find the building they had found refuge in on fire. they all make it out but are forced to carry on through the blizzard and snow banks. Someone triggers an avalanche to bury them and they lose their last halla. They find a cave to take refuge in, guarded by a bear. Garrick takes on the beast alone (with aid from Isaak) and defeats it.
  • 22nd: Blizzard starts to subside. Russel and Andana stand trial and manage to present a case enough for the trial to be dropped. The elves push on, find a majestic Halla stag and stumble into the old bandit camp. Garrick and Isaak meet an old apostate. They initially mistake it for the child-killer but he turns out to be a much bigger threat. He leaves the two alone after a short battle inviting Isaak to visit him at one time.
  • 23rd: Andana duels Ser Royce at dawn, and wins. The elves make it to the safety of the Ruswold and are taken before Bann Krole. Isaak is told by Krole that templars will be arriving come spring to look into the child killings and the stories of apostates.
  • 24th: Russel and Andana leave for the Ruswold through now and biting wind. Garrick and Isaak take the elves to the compound and start to organize them.
  • 25th: Russel’s horse throws a shoe and Russel has to walk it while cutting a path through the snow. Tensions rise between the hunters and the elves but Garrik manages them.
  • 26th: Andana shares supplies with a weakening Russel as they trudge on through a bitterly cold snowstorm. Isaak organizes some elves and sends them to train the village’s youth in woodworking. Some elves and hunters sick.
  • 27th: Andana and Russel carry on but Andana has to take the trailblazing duties from Russel. She catches a rabbit for supper and they have a decent meal. With several elves sick and quite a bit of the townsfolk as well, Isaak has to pull triple duties. He creates a fever relief mix and adds it to mulled wine.
  • 28th: Andana and Russel need to stop for a day to rest up and recover. Andana hunts a deer and tey feast on it. Tensions arise again in camp and several hunters leave for home but the sick seem to be geting better.
  • 29th: Andana and Russel make good progress towards the Ruswold and find a recently ct path through the snow. The elves start to get better but Isaak has his hands full when a sick old man and his daughter, both traders, roll into the camp. Isaak is a bit suspicious but treats the man while Garrick is constantly hassled by the woman who seems attracted to him.
  • 30th: A child comes through the snow asking for Isaak’s help with his sick father. With the old man almost miraculously recovered Isaak heads with the boy only to find the boy’s father dead and his kin trying to tar and kill an elven craftsman, blamed for the sickness. He stops the lynching but provokes the men and is just about to fight them when Russel and Andana arrive at the scene, tired and worn. Ser Russel pacifies the men and Isaak sees to the rest of the family. They all return to camp where a boar had just been caught and everybody was rejoicing. Ser Russel’s return and the next day’s celebration of the First Day prompts a big feast that evening. Ser Russel talks to Bann Krole and is told about the coming templars and that his aid will be required the next day for the First Day celebrations. Russel drops by Logerswold to visit his belle and meets up with Andana, staying at the inn there and Isaak who had returned for more drink. They left for the compound with Dealia through the path cut by Isaak before. Andana stayed at the Inn to enjoy a good straw bed. In camp Dealia partied with Russel all night while Isaak talked with the old man.

9:30 Wintermarch

  • 1st Day: The group, along with the traders headed over for the First day Celebrations. Some of the peasants and Ansel were missing so the group investigated and found them headed into the Brecilian. They gave chase and fought some wolves – with Jet running after some stragglers and apparently being killed or captured by the apostate. Giving chase, the heroes fought a wraith then made it to an old abandoned tower by a waterfall. Inside was a ghastly sight: the missing villagers were in a trance driven by Ansel, the dog was also trance like. A difficult fight ensued with the villagers turning into rage demons and the heroes unsure what to do but in the end the six villagers and Ansel lay dead and Jet was revealed to be the Apostate, who mind controlled Garrick and almost forced him to kill Andana. The heroes killed the Apostate after some heroics by Garrick and Isaak and a great shot from Andana and headed back to town.
  • 2nd: Arriving in town at the break of dawn the group was intercepted by the two traders were revealed to actually be Templars. They arrested Isaak and took Garrick for good measure. Andana observed them while Russel consulted with Krole. Isaak got some of his blood harvested by the Templars. Andana sabotaged both the Templar’s cart and the two bought horses.
  • 3rd: The templars and their prisoners prepare to leave but are taken before Krole instead who reveals that Neruda’s Seneschal, Alenka, is an apostate and convinces the templars to ride for her instead. After some preparations the group leaves. They camp near the exit from the Ruswold and the heroes and their new traveling companions discuss matters.
  • 4th: The group heads southwards. They camp in the ruins of an old tower. Isaak and Garrick have some strange dreams.
  • 5th: The group continues southwards. They camp in a clearing prepared some time ago by Andana. Andana has strange dreams.
  • 6th: Andana gives the templars the apostate’s collar. They carry on southwards and notice a large party of riders had passed.
  • 7th: The group carries on southwards. They camp in the remains of a larger camp left behind by a large group of riders.
  • 8th: Waking up early the group carries on through the wind towards Vintiver planning to make it by nightfall. They arrive there near midnight and head to the Inn. Russel and Andana head to Tarl Dale after being told that some men were looking for Ser Russel. Just as he’s telling them that it was some northern men the group of riders returned, revealed to be the men of the elder Trumhall.
  • 9th: The group of hired brigands threatens to burn down Vintiver unless Russel surrenders himself to them. Though the brigands seem very well trained and the heroes are separated they manage to independently hatch plans to confuse and distract the enemy. Russel and Andana along with Tarl Dale draw a group away while the two templars, Garrick and Isaak try to thin their numbers ot back. The battles are long and bloody but in the end nobody but the enemy dies due to some powerful magic work from Isaak and mighty combat prowess from Russel. Andana, confronted by another dalish convinces the other elf to give up and walk away. In the end Isaak’s foolhardy plan and healing Magic save the day and the heroes remain in Vintiver to rest for the day.
  • 10th: The group leaves southwards, well rested and supplied. The route is arduous and Garrick and Isaak are plagued by strange dreams.
  • 17th: The group reaches the isolated farmstead where Isaak and Russel stopped on their initial way back from the Neruda Arling. They find it abandoned in a hurry. THe long cold days on the road is starting to affect party morale so Russel starts telling folk tales on the road again, much to Garrick’s displeasure.
  • 24th: Despite sagging morale the group soldiers on until they make it to the outskirts of the Neruda Arling. Russel tells the tale of their battle against the darkspawn. A few hours later the group meets up with a traveling merchant.

Timeline of Events

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