Side Quests Timeline

The timeline for various side-stories and quests:

I. Tome of Blood

9:30 Wintermarch

  • 8th: Eshara, Ser Bridget and Ser Blaker arrive in the Ruswold seeking Bann Valdur Krole. The two knights are there to deliver crops and cash to the beleaguered lord. On the way they stop by Logerswold where they spend the night in the Sign of the Spreading Tree Tavern where Ser Corbin befriends Dealia and gets a bit personal with her.
  • 9th: The knights travel to Bann Krole’s Manor to turn in the supplies. He asks them to search for a lost tome in a tower in the Brecilian. They agree and convince Eshara to join them. Eshara goes to see Orellis while Bridget drops by the Chantry to pray with Sister Pliacinth. Bridget agrees to take a letter back to South Reach for her.
  • 10th: The three set out at dawn and march through the cold all day. They are beset by spectral wolves at one point but as night approaches they find the path to the shattered tower and approach it. Inside a Mad Apostate chats them up then summons a demon for them to fight for the tome. Ser Blaker tries to steal the tome and the apostate unleashes his magic on him then leaves. After a treacherous battle the heroes prevail versus the demon but ser Blaker dies of his wounds.
  • 11th: Bridget and Eshara make it back to Logerswold and take ser Blaker’s body to the chantry. Dealia asks to join Ser bridget to South Reach and the knight agrees. Ser bridget and Eshara take the tome to Krole then part ways.

*12th: After a passionate service for ser Blaker, Bridget and Dealia leave the Ruswold, heading towards South Reach and possibly the Circle Tower bearing an important letter and the Blood tome. Eshara joins them for the journey and they ride into the sunset.

Side Quests Timeline

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