Logerswold is the only settlement in the Ruswold valley, a small village that mostly services the local logging industry. Its population is variable, depending on season and year but about a hundred people live in the village and environs, with about a hundred more swelling the population during winter or in late summer when the logging season is at its peak.

There are a few buildings of Import in Logerswold but the place is all-in-all unremarkable.

The Sign of the Spreading Tree is the local alehouse run by Liwis and his daughter Dealia. It offers some accomodation in a common room, some cheap ale and expensive meals.

Trewin the Logger has a compound near the outskirts of the village where all the lumber from the woods is carried, cut, prepared and stored. His main building is a large three-story frame-house, the tallest building in Logerswold. Ansel is Trewin’s old rival who now works for him, managing the lumber stores.

The Chantry is the third important building in Logerswold. Located in the center, opposite the smithy and the Sign of the Spreading tree, it is run by Sister Pliacinth and it is the only stone building in town.

A variety of shops and stalls are set up in Logerswold at the end of each week but apart from the smithy, butcher’s and a bakery there is no permanent ‘shop’ in the settlement.


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