Sister Pliacinth

Logerswold's Chantry priestess, an ageing woman devout but strict.


Com : 1
Con : 1
Cun : 1 (Healing, Rel. Lore)
Dex : 0
Mag : 1
Per : 1 (Empathy)
Str : 0
Wil : 0


Sister Pliacinth isn’t a particularly noteworthy priestess and her flock is a small one in general. Right now she’s seeing more worshippers but for the wrong reasons entirely.

As the Chantry had supported the Usurper and Krole had fought in the rebellion he was never too friendly towards the priestess and her institution and never appeared in person at the small village chantry, though he sent a sack of wheat every year. Sister Pliacinth supported Trumhall at the election as the man had convinced her of his devotion and his intention of doing the Chantry justice and restoring it to its rightful place. Since Krole’s re-election the relationship between her and the Bann has been a bit strained though they are working together to get the people through the harsh winter.

She can provide (mundane) healing and lodgings for the faithful.

Her chantry was used as a prison for Isaak Rayland and Garrick ‘The Dog’ when the two templars took them into custody. Later she passed on a letter from the Templars to Ser Bridget to deliver to the Chantry in South Reach or directly at the Circle Tower.

Sister Pliacinth

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