Ser Corbin Blaker

A shady looking 'ser' of dubious reputation and questionable morality.


Ser Blaker is a scoundrel and one of Arl Neruda’s men that ‘gets things done’. He is a proud man who cares about his safety above everything else, though he is no coward. He is however quick to hatch an escape plan, willing to sacrifice or leave anyone behind for his own sake. Rumor has it that he is fond of playing dice.

Isaak and Russel know him for a blackguard. He tried to kidnap the Arl’s children in collusion with Alenka the steward but Isaak and Russel foiled his plan.

After riding to the Ruswold with Ser Bridget, Blaker entered the Brecillian but never left it. He died slain by magic but ser Bridget carried him back to town and he receive a hero’s funeral.

Ser Corbin Blaker

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