One of Krole's loyal men, working as a stablehand to earn a living. He died fighting bandits in the woods.


Com : 1
Con : 2 (Stamina)
Cun : 1 (Nat Lore)
Dex : 0 (Stealth)
Mag : -1
Per : 0 (Seeing)
Str : 3 (Hvy Blades)
Wil : 1

HP : 32
SPD : 8/10
Def : 12 (10)
AR : 4

Fist +0 1d3+3
LSW +5 2d6+3


Favored Stunts: Pierce Armor, Disarm

Language: Trade
Class Powers:

Talents: Arm. Train (Journeyman), One wpn Style (Novice), Wpn & Shield Style (Novice)

Light Mail, Long Sword, Spear, Med. Shield


Ridyk was a soldier in the employ of Bann Krole before the winds of change left him without a job. With a family to take care of and few other options given that his conscience wouldn’t allow him to take a job with Trumhall, who he views as an opportunist, he considers himself lucky to have managed
to get work from Liwis in the alehouse’s stables.

Although he couldn’t disagree more strongly with Liwis about the wisdom of replacing Krole with Trumhall, his disagreement didn’t prevent him from taking a job he needed.
Although he’s frustrated with how things have gone, he’s also trustworthy and honorable.

He left with the group of heroes to fight bandits and was killed in an ambush.


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