Liwis the tavernkeeper

The owner of the Sign of the Spreading Tree, widower and father of one.


Com : 2 (Bargaining, Persuasion)
Con : 0
Cun : 1 (Cultural Lore)
Dex : -1
Mag : 0
Per : 2 (Empathy)
Str : 0
Wil : 1


Liwis is an angry man. A month ago the Gore-Hand’s Men raped and killed his wife causing the ageing tavern-keeper to trigger the fateful election that overthrew Krole and set Trumhall in his place. He is a big supporter of Trumhall though he doesn’t speak ill of Krole, even if he sometimes blames the ex-Bann for his wife’s death.

When Russel came back with the Gore-Hand’s log and his wife’s keepsake and exposed Trumhall to him and the rest of Loggerswald, he could barely contain his rage. He spoke out against Trumhall in front of the people and as such helped to oust him.

Andana convinced Liwis to speak for the elves if the townsfolk speak ill of them. He is now quite fond of Andana as well as Isaak (good business) and Russel.

After Dealia left with Ser Bridget he became depressed a bit.

Liwis the tavernkeeper

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