A likeable guard and one of Krole's men, almost too old to be any use in a fight anymore.


Com : 2 ( Bargaining)
Con : 0
Cun : 1 (History Lore, Natural Lore, Military Lore)
Dex : 0 (Bows)
Mag : 0
Per : 3 (Sight)
Str : 0 (Spears, Heavy Blades)
Wil : 2 (Courage)


Horis is an old man. When he was a grown boy he rode with the rebel queen agains the usurper. When he was a man he rode with Krole’s father and grandfather and with Maric and Loghain until the Orlesians were chased out of Ferelden. In his old age he settled as Krole’s weapon-master, training his men-at-arms as he had once trained Krole himelf. Yet Horis’ old age is quickly closing in with him and he is getting more and more useless with a weapon. And yet the genial old man is loved by all and has forgotten more about warfare than most know. When Krole sent off his men he kept Horis out of respect but hasn’t been able to pay the man yet in anything but porridge. Horis is not one to complain so he kept his post on the gate every evening.

Since Krole’s re-instatement he has been training the militia and some of the men-at-arms. On one occasion he sparred wit the now deceased Ser Blaker.


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