Alenka the Seneschal

A beautiful but untrustworthy mage, Arl Neruda's seneschal.


Alenka’s family has served the arl for several generations. This, and her affinity with magic, has enabled her to succeed her uncle’s position as steward. Unfortunately, Alenka soon learned how poorly Neruda treats those in his employ and is less interested than her predecessors in putting up with it.

She is a tall good looking woman with medium length brown hair. She dresses in blue robes and carries a torque around her head and a large pendant around her neck. She is extremely cunning and bitter and more than a bit flirty.

Alenka has been propositioning Isaak constantly in more than one way. She proposed the kidnapping to him and was disappointed when he seemed to refuse any part in it.

She is a quite good mage, one that should not be trifled with.

The heroes parted ways with Alenka without exposing her to Arl Neruda.

Alenka the Seneschal

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