Dragon Age: The Gathering Dark

Side Quests I: Tome of Blood

Eshara, Ser Bridget and Ser Blaker arrive in the Ruswold and embark on a quest into the Brecilian.

Side Quests I: Tome of Blood

Having been sent by Arl Voychek Neruda to bring some money and supplies to his beleaguered brother-in-law two South Hills knights, Ser Bridget and Ser Corbin Blaker along with their guide Eshara arrive in the Ruswold. They head for Logerswold where they plan to spend the night at the Sign of The Spreading Tree Tavern. There they meet Dealia and her father and Eshara gets reacquainted with one of her people. They have a peasant night of merriment and Ser Blaker gets quite personal with Dealia.

The next day the three see the Bann. After delivering the supplies the two knights are asked by the bann to look for a lost, dangerous tome in the brecilian in the ruins of a tower. They agree, despite being quite tired. They re-enlist the help of Eshara. THe elf goes to see her people and hears about their plight and is asked by the keeper to look into a lost tower in the Brecilian forest where Andana had mentioned that the elves might relocate. Meanwhile Ser Bridget visits the chantry where Sister Pliacinth prays with her and gives her a templar-sealed letter to deliver to the chantry in South Reach or another big city. Ser Blaker spars with Krole’s old weapon-master and holds his own. Later he loses a lot of money playing dice then threatens the winner into teaching him to cheat at dice as proficiently.

The group leaves for the Brecilian the next day and they make their way through the cold and dim light to the sight of a battle, where the corpses of wolves lied in the snow. Some foul magic raises the spirits of the beasts and the group has to fight them to survive. They push on until nightfall and then until moonrise up towards the tower, refusing to stop for more than a short rest. At the tower a mad, singing apostate talks nonsense to them then summons a rage demon challenging them to fight it for the book. they do but the apostate slays Sir Corbin who had been trying to steal the book with no fight. Ser Bridget and Eshara defeat the Rage Demon and the knight carries her fallen companion all the way down the hill and through the woods.

Back in Logerswold the two surviving heroes take the body to the chantry. Dealia, the tavernkeeper’s daughter mourns the fallen knight and asks Ser bridget to take her along to South reach or the like as it is what Blaker would have wanted. Bridget agrees then she and the elf take the book to Krole who asks them to take it further, to a large Chantryhantry or the Circle Tower and rewards Ser Bridget with an old, Orlesian blade to replace the broadsword that she had ruined in the battle. Exhausted and broken Ser Bridget sleeps the rest of the day and Eshara returns to tell Orellis about the tower and re-join her people.

The next day at noon, Ser Bridget gives a passionate speech to the villagers about Blaker’s sacrifice then leaves along with Dealia, leaving her father befuddled.

Along the way they meet up with Eshara and ride into the sunset together.

900 Xp +150 RPXP

Silverite Bastard Sword +1 Att, +2 Damage +1 Step Sw&SH


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