• Boots of the Outlaw

    Boots of the Outlaw

    A pair of fur-lined tall boots etched with strange runes.
  • Enchanted Gladius

    Enchanted Gladius

    A Tevinter-made enchanted short sword.
  • Hunter's Bane

    Hunter's Bane

    An intricately crafted cursed longbow said to visit misery and death upon every wielder.
  • Isaak's Journal

    Isaak's Journal

    A leather-bound book of fine paper.
  • Ring of Shielding

    Ring of Shielding

    A silver ring with a gryphon sigil.
  • Rusty Axe

    Rusty Axe

    this rusty axe miraculously returns to the thrower's hand. It is also a lot better in battle than it looks.
  • The Link of Rage

    The Link of Rage

    A chain link, foged out of silver and etched with strange runes. It is broken and bent out of shape.