Andana Maran

23 year old, 1.6 m, 45 kg, copper haired, gold eyed, backstab dispencer


Rogue 4
XP: 450 (session 1) + 1520 (session 2) + 1770 (session 3) +1570 (seesion 4) + 1570 (Session 5)
Speed: 17 Defense: 15 Armor:4 (Heavy Leather Armor)

HP 43

Communication: 3 (Deception)
Constitution: 0
Cunning: 2 (Poison Making)
Dexterity: 5 (Stealth, Bows, Light Blades)
Magic: -1
Perception: 2 (Smelling)
Strength: 1
Willpower: 3

Short Sword : Attack 3d6+5+2 Damage 1d6+2+1
Throwing Knives : Attack 3d6+5+2 Damage 1d6+1
Long Bow : Attack 3d6+5+2 Damage 1d6+3+2
Haralan’s Long Bow : Attack 3d6+5+2+1 Damage 1d6+3+2+1

Powers and spells:
Backstab (when moving next to a target, stealth vs perception for +2 attack bonus and +1d6 damage)
Rogue armor (No armor penalty when wearing light armor)
Stunt Bonus (Pierce armor stunt -1 sp)
Bluff (Can backstab enemies next to me, with a successful Comunication-Deception vs Willpower-Self Discipline) for +2 attack and +1d6 damage

Talents and languages:
Scouting novice (reroll one stealth roll and keep the latter)
Poison making novice
Trade Tongue

Equipment and Money
Traveler’s Garb
Arrows 55
Flint & Steel
Trail rations 20 days
Riding horse
Books from the elven tevinter time ruin.
Lock Picks
Rope 40 yards
1 bereskar pelt
Outlaw Shoes (Equipped -3 track to opponents)

4 GP 178 SP 0 CP



Concept Goals and ties:

Her mother’s (a servant at a castle near the town of South Reach) death revealed the truth about her father, a Dalish elf by the name of Harralan. Running away from the castle after she “borrowed” some equipment from one guard that she befriended, she set out for the village of Vintiver, where she heard that the Dalish camp that her father was part of passed recently.

Andana Maran

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