Ruswold Valley

Ruswold valley map

The Ruswold Valley, also know more simply as “the Ruswold,” is good farmland in the west and deep forest in the east. The edge of Brecilian Forest crosses the valley from north to south. The Ruswold is crossed by a well-maintained and wellpatrolled main road that brings good timber out of the forest to the greater Bannorn in the east. The valley is also crisscrossed by a great many tracks and trails used by local travelers on foot, mule, horse, and wagon.

The major water route in the region passes from the northeast to the southwest, eventually emptying into a lowland swamp inside the forest. Logerswold is the only significant population center in the Ruswold. It is the chief staging ground for the timber that comes out of the forest before it heads east. It is also where the region’s farmers gather for their weekly market. Valdur Krole, the local bann, has a manor stronghold on defensible land roughly south of Logerswold.

Beset by vicious bandits who killed rather than robbing, the Ruswold was in dire need of heroes when Russel returned home with his companions. After fighting his bandit cohorts the heroes ousted ‘Bann’ Trumhall and reinstated Bann Krole to rule the Ruswold. Russel fought Trumhall in a trial by arms, won and was knighted for his service. The bandit attacks on the Ruswold ceased and the people returned to their homes.

Russel was awarded Trumhall’s Compound for his service and has taken to expanding it into a real manor fort.

Ruswold Valley

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