This rocky ridge is where Trumhall had chosen to build his compound.

Bann Krole has turned the ridge and the encampment over to Ser Russel for his service. Russel has worked hard throughout Firstfall 9:29 and invested nearly all of his money but managed to create a semblance of a compound. A finished hunter’s lodge and a small two storey house stand upon the ridge along with a horse enclosure, a chicken coop, an empty pig and nug sty and a couple of snow-covered tents. The whole compound is surrounded by a six foot high wooden palisade, much of which Russel built himself.

The Hunter’s lodge is a rowdy place with a smoking hut behind it, and a large open fire pit in the middle. Animal pelts and cured pieces of meat hang from the rafters as well as drying herbs. The latter are there because Isaak has turned the rear quarter of the lodge into his private herbalism laboratory, where he spends his days devising poultices and concoctions.

He and Garrick split a cramped room on the first floor of the larger building in the compound. The Chasind preferred sleeping in a tent for the better half of Firstfall but with Haring around the corner and freezing temperatures at night he has moved in as well. Ansel had a room opposite theirs. Ser Russel has a considerably larger room on the floor above.

The elves have settled in like true refugees. They carry their own weight as much as they can but Ser Russel often has to supplement what they hunt and fish with grain from his stores. Orellis and some of the men live in an improvised hut near the cliff’s edge while most of the elven children women and elderly bunk together on the main hall floor.

Compound Stats:


Treasury: 15 Sp
Balance: -5 Sp/Week


12 Able-Bodied Ilashan (+20 sp/week)
15 Ilashan Dalish Refugees (-30 sp/week)


- Small Palisade With Gate
- Basic Lord’s Hall (-5 Sp/Week, Food & Lodging)
- Basic Hunter’s Lodge (15 Sp/Week of Which 5/Week to Garrick)
- Basic Herbalist Shop (10 Sp/Week while in use)
- Half Finished Building covered in animal pelts and canvas.
- Horse Enclosure
- Pig Sty, Chicken Coop


Ser Russel’s Riding Horse
Andana’s Riding Horse
Garrick’s Draft Horse
Isaak’s Mule

8 Chickens
2 Pigs


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