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  • Bann Villem

    Bann Astram Villem the 3rd is the lord of Vintiver and surroundings, a fair lord ruling out of nearby Astram keep, a castle built by his great grandfather. He is considered one of the best tacticians in his time.

  • Ser Ruys Villem

    Ser Ruys is Bann Villem's eldest and the heir to Astram Keep and the lands around it. He is a brave knight and a man the people fear and respect but he is also proud, quick to judge and bullheaded. He mounted the case against Russel(who he despises) …

  • Girondin

    Girondin is an Orlesian man that worked for the previous holder of Astram keep during the occupation. When the Orlesians were driven out the victorious Ferelden wanted to hang every last orlesian survivor. A young(er) Bann Villem saved Girondin from the …

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