Hunter's Bane

An intricately crafted cursed longbow said to visit misery and death upon every wielder.

weapon (ranged)

+1 to Attack and Damage Rolls

Tier 3 – Yew – +10% Short Range, +25% Long Range


The Hunter’s Bane is a wondrous weapon. Said to have been passed from hunter to hunter ever since the time of the Dales, it is also said to have killed every wielder within a year. Crafted out of finest yew and carved with intricate elven script it is a deadly weapon, the perfect weapon for a hunter, said to have been possessed with the soul of one in times immemorial. No human has ever wielded the weapon, only elves and a legend says that once one does wield the bow, the weapon will crumble into dust and its curse will be over.

Hunter's Bane

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