Trewin the Logger

A wiry but solidly built man who mad a name for himself as a lumber yard owner.


Com : 3 (Bargaining)
Con : 1
Cun : 1 (Evaluation)
Dex : -1
Mag : -2
Per : 1 (Hearing)
Str : 1
Wil : 3 (Self-Discipline)


Trewin the Logger, who owns the house, compound, and every idle tool inside it, is the paymaster for almost every logging man who works in the Ruswold Valley. He earned his position by the sweat of his own brow and labor of his own brawny muscles, spending countless years in the forest sawing, hauling, and selling. A shrewd businessman as well as a tireless worker, he spent more and more time arranging business and less and less time wielding tools, hiring more and more men to work for him. Everyone profited, and even Bann Krole could find little that was curmudgeonly to say about either Trewin or the business he ran.

Now, of course, the Gore-hand’s outlaws have demolished the local industry, killing outright a great many of the men who used to work for Trewin. Far from encouraging his men to get back to work in the dangerous environment, Trewin was so concerned for their safety that he tried to forbid the last group of loggers to head into the forest. Just as he feared, those men haven’t been heard from since.

The families living in Trewin’s compound are refugees from the surrounding areas. He has opened the protection of his walls to any freeholders too frightened to remain in their homes while the outlaws—and Waldric Gore-hand, specifically— remain at large. Many of them are the families of loggers who went back into the forest to work, and whose husbands and fathers are now presumed dead.

Trewin supported replacing Bann Krole with Trumhall, because he believed at the time—and still does, although his conviction has flagged somewhat—that Krole was too conservative about running the bandits to ground.

After Trumhall’s unseating by the same people who put him in place Trewin entertained ideas of putting his own name forward for Bann but supported Krole in the end. He also freed Ansel from his contract at Russel’s request, following a promise that the man will not restart his logging business.

Trewin the Logger

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