Tarl Dale

Vintiver's Warden, Veteran and Community Leader.


Lvl 4

Com : 2 (Leadership)
Con : 4 (Swimming)
Cun : 1 (Military Lore)
Dex : 1 (Riding)
Mag : 0
Per : 1
Str : 3
Wil : 1 (Courage)

HP : 52
SPD : 9
Def : 11
AR : 5

Longsword +3 2d6+3
Dagger +1 1d6+4


Favored Stunts: Dual Strike, Mighty Blow

Language: Trade
Class Powers:

Armor Training (Novice)
Single Weapon Style (Journeyman)
Weapon and Shield Style (Novice)

Dual Strike – 3 points not 4

Light Mail, Longsword, Dagger


Tarl Dale, the village Warden of Vintiver, is the legal authority of the village as well as enforcer of the will of the Bann. Master Tarl, as he is known, was a soldier in the Bann’s army, and a good one by all accounts. He retired years ago, and found that life in a rural village on the frontier suited him well enough. He likes the quiet and the people of Vintiver, and never expected to have to deal with trouble such as he is now.

The warden is a fairly tall man, still fit in his 50s, with longish dark brown hair going to grey, and a mixture of the same in his short beard. His pale eyes are still sharp, however, and he has laugh-lines around them from an easy smile, although he has found little reason to grin of late. He’s virtually the only man in Vintiver who regularly wears (or even owns) a sword and these days he has taken to wearing some of his old armor as well, just in case.

Tarl was well disposed towards the heroes since the start and is even better disposed now that they have saved the village with minimal lives lost.

Tarl Dale was the one who took Andana and Russel to stand trial and was willing to testify on their behalf. He was also instrumental in Russel’s case preparation, although Ser Ruys’ antics in court made it unnecessary for the old warrior to need to testify.

Tarl Dale

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