The lorekeeper of the Ilashan Dalish.


Com : 3 (Leadership)
Con : 0
Cun : 5 (Cultural Lore, Natural Lore, Historical Lore, Navigation, Religious Lore)
Dex : 2 (Bows)
Mag : 2
Per : 2 (Seeing)
Str : 0
Wil : 3 (Self-Discipline)


Orellis is an older elf, his hair silvery white and his face beginning to show the hints of wrinkles and lines that would, in a human, be the early signs of middle age.

In truth, Orellis is the eldest member of his band and has been their Lorekeeper for many years. He knows a great deal about elven history, legends, and religion in particular, and looks after the spiritual needs of his people.

With the abomination slain and his people free Orellis has gone back to his duties, and although injured is training the next generation of Dalish lorekeepers. He is apprehensive of humans but after being rescued by two he has accepted that the shemlen too can be honorable and wise.

Orellis, either out of desperation and fear or respect and trust, allowed Andana’s friends to take the Ilashan Tribe’s fate into their own hands. After swift discussions and planning with the group, he agreed for the elves to be sworn under Ser Russel’s service, even though he mentioned that human laws meant nothing to the People. He led his people after Garrick and Isaak through the Brecillian and while events did not unfold in the happiest of fashions, most of the tribe survived, in no small part due to Garrick, whom Orellis pronounced to be a Vhenallin as well, a friend of the People.


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