A Dalish hunter, strong and deadly with a bow.


Com : 1
Con : 2
Cun : 1
Dex : 4 (Bows, Stealth)
Mag : 0
Per : 2 (Tracking)
Str : 1
Wil : 0 (Courage)

HP : 29
SPD : 15
Def : 14
AR : 3

Longbow +7 1d6+7


Lirresh was the hunter who volunteered to take the heroes back to Vintiver through a shortcut. He is a brave no-nonsense hunter. He is silent and a bit distant and has a strong dislike for Andana.

Having set off into the Brecilian after the heroes expressed their disbelief towards Avashin’s suicide, he was found dead several days afterwards by Andana during the group’s pursuit of the murderous apostate. Despite their previous history, Andana gave him a decent burial and took from his cold hands the cursed bow of her father.


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