Joseph Neruda

A courageous young boy who fought his first darkspawn before puberty.


Com : 0
Con : 1 (Stamina)
Cun : 0
Dex : 1
Mag : 0
Per : 1
Str : 0
Wil : 0

HP : 21
SPD : 11
Def : 11
AR : 3

Short Sword +1 1d6+2

Favored Stunt: Skirmish

Language: Trade Tongue

Weapon Groups: Brawling, Light blades


Joseph is a young lad of 13 who’s fiercely protective of his sister. He’s training to be a warrior, but thus far has only learned the rudimentary skills of brawling and using light weapons. Since his experience with the darkspawn ambush he was left with a fierce scar, a strong belief in the Maker and a desire to destroy all darkspawn. He has also taken up carrying a short sword and wearing leathers around the keep.

Joseph Neruda

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