Hana Neruda

A bookish young girl with a gift for magic.


Com : 0
Con : 1 (Stamina)
Cun : 0
Dex : 0
Mag : 3
Per : 1
Str : -1
Wil : 0

HP : 11
SPD : 21
Def : 10
AR : 0

Spells Knows:

Mind Blast


Hana has always been an odd duck, bookish and aloof. Taller than most kids her age and always quiet she has been the target of jokes by other noble children and even some commoners.

Recently, Hana was accosted by some rough boys and her magical power manifested— she used a mind blast to knock them prone and run away. Alenka has warned the arl repeatedly of the dangers of not taking Hana to the Circle for training now that this power has manifested, but the arl still has fantasies of marrying his daughter off first, and has instructed Alenka that she is not to breathe a word of his daughter’s abilities to anyone.

Hana Neruda

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