Frederick the Seneschal

Krole's seneschal, an old man with good ideas.


Com : 2 (Etiquette)
Con : 0
Cun : 3 (Historical Lore, Cartography, Military Lore, Engineering)
Dex : -1
Mag : 0
Per : 2 (Empathy)
Str : -1
Wil : 4


Frederick is an old man but one that has seen more in his life than a score of men taken together. He has seen a queen die, two kings rise and an Orlesian occupation overthrown. He has served as advisor to the current bann and to his father before him and has helped plan battles and keep troops supplied. He is one of the few men that can persuade the stubborn bann Krole and only barely.

Frederick the Seneschal

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