A brawny blacksmith, quick to anger.


Coalan has lived in Vintiver all his life. He learned the blacksmith’s trade here, took over the smithy and forge, and has been a good and upstanding member of the community. Coalan has always been a somewhat solitary fellow; as a lad his large size made him somewhat awkward and shy. As a man, he has focused on his work and finds little time for “foolishness,” as he refers to most sorts of recreation. He is a serious man, with serious responsibilities.

Unfortunately, Master Coalan also has something of a temper. He manages to keep it in check most of the time, but it is one of the reasons why he doesn’t make friends easily, or socialize all that much. Dorn Mullin, Coalan’s eighteen year-old apprentice, receives the brunt of his master’s ill-temper, but even he thinks of Coalan as more prickly than violent. Recent events have softened the gruff blacksmith who was humbled not once but twice by the heroes who also saved his life and village. He has even grown more accepting of the elves though he still holds on to his pouch and watches them carefully when they’re in town.

Master Coalan likes to think he knows what is going on and what is best, but he’s not the sort people listen to. No, they prefer the placid calm of Sister Arda or the quiet authority of Warden Tarl, or even some mothering from Kesla Mullin rather than deal with the hard, cold facts and the reality of what needs doing. Well, Coalan isn’t one to shy away from something because it’s too hot, and he knows full well some things need to be hammered into shape if you want to fix them.

Despite being absolutely hostile to the party upon their first arrival in Vintiver, seeing as they were harboring not one, but two elves, after he was saved from certain death by the same people, his opinion justly changed. He personally apologized to Russel for causing trouble and the two parted ways on good terms.

Later, Coalan testified in favour of the party and the elves during the murder trial, much to Ser Ruys’ disdain.


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