A mage that stalks the Ruswold in the form of a black dog, seeking prey.


Com : 0
Con : 2 (Running)
Cun : 0
Dex : 3 (Acrobatics, Bite, Stealth)
Mag : -1
Per : 2 (Smelling, Tracking)
Str : 4 (Jumping, Might)
Wil : 3

HP : 55
SPD : 16
Def : 13
AR : 0


Bite +5 1d6+6


Favored Stunts: Knock Prone, Mighty Blow, Overwhelm, Fearsome Growl

Overwhelm : Jet can perform a special overwhelm stunt for 3 SP. The hound knocks its opponent prone and pins it, giving Jet a +2 bonus tofurther attacks as long as the victim remains pinned (this includes the usual +1 for attacking a prone target).The pinned character must make an opposed Strength (Might) vs. Strength (Might) test against Jet to escape, which requires a minor action and leaves the character prone. The victim’s allies can also attempt this test, but they must spend major actions to do so.

Fearsome Growl : Jet can perform Fearsome Growl as a special stunt costing 3 SP. Enemies within 6 yards of the Mabari must pass a TN 11 Willpower (Self-Discipline) test or suffer a -1 penalty to Defense until the end of Jet’s next turn.

Language: Barking, Understands Trade.

Equipment: Collar



Bann Trumhall’s dog, the Mabari called Jet decided to stay with the heroes after his master was slain, taking quite well to Russel and Garrick. He is an incredibly intelligent animal and a sneaky one as well. However, he has a mind of his own and often leaves for long periods of time to hunt on his own but almost invariably comes back with a rabbit or other captured animal for Russel or Garrick.

He has a old collar of oval bronze disks around his neck. The disks are engraved with pictograms of a stylised canine, possibly alluding to the hound’s initial name or his first master’s sigil. The dog seems uncomfortable with people trying to take it off and even bit a kid who was fiddling with it.

Jet is not a playful dog nor one that likes to bark a lot. He is quiet and reserved and a very good animal stalker with an almost uncanny grasp of hunting tactics, which is why he is often taken hunting by Garrick. While the dog does not like to be touched and does not play or do tricks (like fetch or the like) he does enjoy playing with children, and they are the only ones that he allows to pet him (apart from Garrick and Russel).


An apostate Fereldan mage with the ability to take on the form of a Mabari, Blacktail is the power behind Bann Trumhall’s ascendance. Two sets of stats are provided. The first is Blacktail in human form and the second in Mabari form.

If Blacktail dies while transformed, he reverts to his human form—that of a scruffy Fereldan clad in a loincloth and fur cloak made from a dog’s fur pelt with arcane tattoos over his body. Blacktail’s death also breaks the power of his spell that dominates anybody’s mind. Remember that Blacktail cannot cast spells while in Mabari form.


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