Bann Trumhall

Trumhall was proven to be a murderous villain and executed after being bested in trial by combat.


Trumhall is the fourth son of a noble from further up north who had struck out to make a name for himself. Arriving in the Ruswold he and his men were beset by bandits, who they proceeded to slay and scatter, freeing the villagers that they had captured. Trumhall won an additional two victories against the bandits, cornering and trapping them with almost uncanny precision, prompting the Logerswold villagers to start a motion for the toppling of their old Bann, one that saw Krole unseated and Trumhall elected. His main concern now is slaying all the bandits, as per his mandate, and keeping the Ruswold Valley safe.

Trumhall was proven to be a liar and a fraud and the villain behind the bandit raids on the Ruswold. He had hired the Gore-Hand giving him free reign over looting and murdering to scare the people into choosing him as Bann. He was bested in battle by Ser Russel and executed. Most of his men left soon after.

Bann Trumhall

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