Dragon Age: The Gathering Dark

The Loyal Guard IV

The heroes fight through the bandit-filled woods, defeat the Gore-Hand and uncover the truth behind the bandit raids. They proceed to oust a bann and proclaim a new one.

The heroes finish defeating the bandits then take the captives to the new Bann. They execute one and persuade Trumhall to spare the other provided he guide them to the bandit encampment. They then spend the night at the Krole Manor.

In the morning the heroes leave for the Brecilian Forest, passing through Logerswold on the way. Russel greets all the notables including Liwis the Tavernkeeper and his girl, Trewin the Logger, Ansel, his factor and Sister Pliacinth, the local Chantry priestess. They recruit one of Krole’s old men, Ridyk to come with them and slay the bandits.

The road through the forest is, at first unremarkable but the heroes step into a bandit ambush that nearly kills them. Ridyk is slain. Russel and Andana are almost killed as well but in the end Isaak’s healing magic saves the day.After the battle the grievously injured Garrick is sent back to Logerswold with Ridyk’s body and the rest of the more experienced heroes go on. They gather and hang the bodies of the ten outlaws ambushing them and cut down the bodies of the dead loggers in the logger camp.

Andana stumbled upon an animal path where it seemed the loggers’ horses had passed and manages to guide the group towards the bandit hideout. Andana takes out the two sentries and manages to take out one more sleeping bandit before Isaak and Russel charge with lit petrol bombs and assault the bandits. the following battle is short and swift: two bandits die, two escape and three more are captured alive along with their leader. When the heroes come back to the bandit camp from picking out stragglers they find that the Gore-Hand’s throat has been torn apart.

The heroes recover a wealth of bandit silver along with several items belonging to the villagers and the Gore-Hand’s diary. The bandit reveals in his diary that he is a patsy of sorts, employed by Trumhall to wreak havoc upon the vale and get him elected.

The heroes return to the vale with their spoils and alert the villagers about Trumhall’s evil alliance. The villagers of import gather and all declare against the Bann and in favour of Krole. Trumhall, infuriated by the accusation challenges Russel to trial by battle, a duel to the death.

Although the battle is close and Trumhall uses dirty tricks like poison and healing potions Russle wins and knocks the ex-Bann unconscious. Sister Pliacinth decides the duel in Russel’s favour and Bann Krole asks ‘Ser’ Russel to do the Bann’s justice. Russel has second thoughts when he sees Trumhall confused for a second but he delivers the executioner’s blow with a lumber axe and puts an end to Trumhall’s reign of terror.

1200 XP (600 Preda) + individual RPXP


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