Dragon Age: The Gathering Dark

The Loyal Guard III

The trio of heroes fight and defeat the abomination called Mythallen and move on to Ruswold valley where different trouble is brewing...

At the crack of dawn the trio sets off to find the keep where the Abomination had taken its captives. They cross a treacherous log hanging over a ravine while beset by bloodcrows then make their way into a forgotten rift where they find the ruins of a keep. In the basement of the keep they fight the risen dead and free a group of elven captives, the tattered remnants of the caravan. Mythallen,they find out, is actually Harralan the hunter who was possessed by a rage demon after inadvertently freeing it from its prison. They also learn that the abomination is on its way towards Vintiver with its band of Revengers, intent on murdering everybody there. The heroes and some ragged elven hunters give chase but are ambushed by a demon-warped spider. During this battle Russel realises that the silver link that had once held the demon at bay makes him stronger against Rage abominations.

When the group of heroes and their elven allies make it back to Vintiver they find the village in the middle of a terrible battle. Mythallen and its minions are quickly overrunning the villagefolk. Coalan the blacksmith had just been struck down by the hulking abomination and Tarl was busy keeping several revengers at bay. Andana and Russel take decisive action, one going to aid Tarl, the other to engage the Rage Abomination. The battle is fierce and the heroes are bloody and injured before too long. Russel is almost struck down by Mythallen with Isaak’s healing magic saving him from the jaws of death. In the end a swift but deadly arrow from Andana and a massive blow of Russel’s shining sword bring the beast down, vanquishing the rage demon back to the fade and releasing Harralan’s body from its torment. The day is saved and a night of revelry follows.

The next morning Andana, mourning a dead father that she never knew, meets the Dalish lorekeeper and asks him what she should do next. He suggests that she should go on a ‘journey of discovery’ but reminds her that she will always have a place with the Dalish, as will the other two heroes who are named vhenallin or ‘friends of the People’. Meanwhile Russel gets an apology from the blacksmith and Isaak wakes up with a monster headache. The heroes linger for three more days then leave for Ruswold with Russel being hailed as ‘the Horrorbane’.

A Bann Too Many

After three days of travelling the three heroes make it to the Ruswold. They arrive at night and are waylaid by three man recently laid off by Valdur Krole and quite inebriated. Russel finds out that in the nearly two months that he has been gone the bann had been ousted by his freeholders and a new bann, Trumhall has been set in his place. This was on account of Krole’s rising inability to control the growing bandit troubles that have beset the valley once more. Krole is penniless after sending Russel with a hefty sum to his brother-in-law so he had to lay off most of his guards, even the loyal ones. Orgen, one of the spearmen blames Russel for his misfortunes and challenges him to a duel that Russel wins, humiliating the man. The trio sets off further after leaving the men-at-arms to their business and soon they are met by several of the new bann’s men who insist they follow them to their master. Trumhall’s compound is still makeshift but the man treats the heroes fairly and asks them to hunt down the bandits for him. He also seems to possess a large dark as night mabari hound. Russel also finds out that the local logger baron, innkeeper and Chantry priestess were instrumental in ousting Krole and replacing him with Trumhall.

When the trio leaves the Trumhall Compound in the morning they are approached by one of Trumhall’s men, a Chasind who offers to help them hunt down bandits in the Brecillian forest. They first make their way to Krole’s mansion though. The place is dismal and understaffed and when Russel sees the former bann he notices that he isn’t in much better shape either. The bann is upset about his misfortune but does not plan on doing anything to help the people of the valley. With Isaak staying behind to tend Krole’s leg the rest of the heroes return to the yard. Ahead a commotion has riled up the few guards and servants. Bandits are attacking the supply carts coming to the manor. The heroes ride out to rescue the cart-drivers but Russel’s keen eyes manage to spot the ambush set for them. Eight outlaws await in the bushes but the heroes manage to put them on the run, capturing two and wounding many of the other. They then drag the two bandits back to the Krole manor for interrogation as a large mabari hound watches them from a cliff nearby…

1400 XP (200 Preda, 1200 Ciprian) + RPXP by player


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