Dragon Age: The Gathering Dark

The Loyal Guard II

Russel and Isaak rescue the children from darkspawn and plotters both and carry on towards Ruswold. On the way they make a stop in the village of Vintiver where they meet Andana and resolve to rescue the village from dark things lurking in the woods...

After a treacherous battle in the rising light, Russel, Isaak and the Steward manage to reach the hilltop where Ser Blaker and Ser Bridget had made their stand with the children. Everyone survived the battle and in the aftermath Isaak told Russel about the Steward’s plan. Russel’s pesuasion and his pure bullheadedness, as well as Isaak making it clear that he was willing to resort to violence to get the children back home, won the day, and after a trek on foot to the castle, Hana and Joseph Neruda were safe. Isaak and Russel left without revealing the plot, making a friend of Lady Macia and an enemy of Alenka.

The Dalish Curse

After five days on the road through the Southron Hills the two companions arrived at the outskirts of the village of Vintiver. They met an elf named Andana who was also on her way to the village. Nearing the village, on one of the outlying farms they came upon a grisly sight. The bodies of men, women and children were strewn about and a barn was burning. Soon after they were attacked by Blight Wolves, but made short work of them. In the burning barn, Adana found a Dalish woman and rescued her. In one of the farm buildings, a strange elven symbol was painted in blood on a wall. " Mythal". “Vengeance”.

Entering town, the party sees that the mood is sour. For a few days animals and even people have been disappearing and the villagers blame it on the Dalish with whom several villagers had had a violent quarrel two weeks before, during the harvest festival. The heroes take refuge at the inn but soon enough a mob, roused by the local blacksmith, is threatening to take the Dalish woman by force. Russel and Andana manage to disperse it but it is clear that the blacksmith is not pacified.

When the dalish woman awakens they learn that her name is Eshara and that she was one of the Dalish, who had been captured by a Rage Abominaton calling itself Mythallen, ‘Child of Vengeance’. The abomination turns elves into darkspawn beasts and is planning to overrun the village. The local warden, Tarl Dale, arrives in the evening and thanks Russel for not harming the villagers. He says that he will give no direct aid, as he has a village to protect, but he offers help to the group if they go investigate the matter further. Russel gets outfitted with chainmail, a heavy shield and two potion gourds and the party sleeps until morning.

Setting out before noon they are ambushed by a group of feisty villagers led by Coalan the blacksmith but Andana and Russel make short work of the blacksmith and the rabble disperses. They follow a trail through the woods, eerily silent while watched by carrion crows and they soon find the Dalish camp. There are no signs of the elves, nor any bodies, but strange laughter can be heard from the woods and before too long three Revengers, twisted darkspawn attack the heroes. They make short work of the demonic creatures but to their horror they see that as they fall, the revengers warp back into Dalish bodies…

750 Xp (450 XP Adi)


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