Dragon Age: The Gathering Dark

One of the People III

Russel and Andana stand trial on behalf of the Dalish while Garrick and Isaak guide the elves through the wilderness towards the Ruswold.

Trials and Tribulations

After the encounter with the knights a plan is set in motion. Ser Russel ‘swears in’ the Dalish as his own men and decides to go stand trial along with Andana on the Dalish’ behalf while Garrick will lead the group of elves through the Brecilian back to Ruswold. Isaak would help keep the elves alive through the coming storm.

The elves set out on the gruelling journey while Russel and Andana wait for the forces of the Bann to come. They surrender to Tarl Dale upon his arrival and set back towards Vintiver. After Spending a night there they ride to Astram keep to present themselves to Bann Villem, one of Loghain’s advisors and hero of the resistance. They meet the Bann and decide to be tried by the man. Russel is released on his word but Andana posts a 5 sovereign bond to go free.

The elves have a day of uneventful travel, covering up their tracks as much as possible and camp in a small clearing in their first night. The second day is harder, with the storm slowly rolling in and an old elf breaking his leg and needing a stretcher. A pack of wolves shadows them. In the evening, in a camp made between a few hillocks they prepare stretchers, anticipating the worst. Two elves go missing when heading out.

Russel and Andana travel back to Vintiver and start their investigation in the evening. Andana shadows Ruys Villem and his men as they investigate while Russel warms up at the Inn. Over the course of the evening and the next two days the two find out that the children killed are missing the same finger as the apostate, that they have bite marks around the ankles and that they had been dragged. The sigils drawn in the snow in blood were not elven but some sort of Tevinter runes and a misspelled elven glyph. They also find out tales about a stranger passing through a few years back, and looking quite mad. They talk and convince most of the notables in Vintiver to testify on their behalf and Russel sends a rider to Bann Krole informing him of everything. They also find a little girl witness who describes the killer as ‘big and black and fast and scary. Andana reveals a wolf print in the frozen mud. They are mocked incessantly, Russel in particular, by Ruys’ men but they don’t act on it. Russel also buys a breastplate from Coalan the smith.

Meanwhile the elves led by Isaak and Garrick are having a hard time through the Blizzard, through waist high snow. They cross a ravine and lose a horse in the process, and continue on, resting that night with their back to a cliff. They push on the next day but a child goes missing in the snow and they discover that he has been abducted. While seraching for him along with two elves they are attacked by wolves but slay them and gut them. Alas, they lose the abductor’s trail. Heading onwards they lose another horse to the cold. That night they sleep in warmth, in an abandoned cabin discovered by the elven hunters.

Russel and Andana head back to the keep and are there acquainted with a trader that the Bann is doing business with on behalf of the King and Teyrn Loghain. Ser Russel tries to convince Ser Ruys of the folly of his ways but instead is mocked and slandered some more. They sleep and prepare for the next day’s trial. In the meanwhile the elves have the worst day so far. An avalanche is triggered on top of them by someone and they only escape thanks to Isaak’s magic and Garrick’s reflexes. they lose a halla and a horse but thankfully, no elves. Weak as kittens and close to death and starvation they find succour in a cave, thanks to Garrick who fights a bear single handedly in order to raise their spirits. That night the elves sleep in the relative warmth of a cave and feast on roast bear meat. The next morning the blizzard starts to slow down.

The trial is a passionate affair with the bann struggling to hold the heroes and his son in check. The ‘dog print’ incenses Ruys who brings his dog forth in an effort to disprove the heroes. Starting to get annoyed, the Bann ends the trial finding the elves not-guilty but barring them from his lands and giving his son the chance to seek reparations in money, blood or honour and seek a new trial with a blackhaller if he sees fit. Ruys demands a duel to the death as satisfaction for his honour and as he’s asking for an elf to duel, Andana obliges him, setting the duel, next day at dawn. The dwarven merchant approves of the ‘entertaining’ trial and congratulates Ser Russel and Andana revealing himself as Varric Tethras and inviting the two to visit him if they pass through Kirkwall.

Garrick and Isaak leave the cave and lead the elves towards the Ruswold pushing through some craggy terrain. On the way they discover a majestic halla stag that the elves take as a good omen. They feed it and it joins them. They make it back into deep woods and stumble upon the Bandit camp that they had cleared not two months before. Isaak and Garrick have a strange encounter with a sinister mage who hits Isaak with his staff and drains the life out of Garrick who tries to defend his friend. Isaak calms the situation down and the mages part ways, leaving Isaak to tend to Garrick who is driven to hate mages by the incident. Garrick finds comfort in his hound with whom he is reunited. Isaak on the other hand intuits that the powerful apostate knew of the child killer, who he referred to as ‘the thief’ and that he would be willing to teach him advanced magic techniques, but at a later date.

Andana meets the heavily armoured Ser Ruys at dawn and runs circles around the man, peppering him with arrows. The knight manages a few hits but the elf is just too fast. Calling her dishonourable he attempts to call off the duel but Andana leaps atop the knight and brings him down. She ponders about killing him but in the end she decides that he wasn’t even worth spilling his blood and spares him.

After a terrible final day, with the stronger elves having to carry the rest the convoy, Isaak and Garrick lead the battered convoy through the last stretch and into the Ruswold where they were swiftly intercepted by a group of Krole’s men. Initially reluctant to allow them in, the soldiers agreed to take the elves to Krole.

Garrick and Isaak – 850 Xp + 75 Rpxp
Russel – 700 Xp + 150 Rpxp
Andana – 800 Xp + 125 Rpxp

Russel – Steel Breastplate over rusty chain.
Stat Adjustment for Garrick
Isaak – Lost Possessing spirit.

Compound Funds – 60 Sp


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