Dragon Age: The Gathering Dark

One of the People II

The party discovers underground Elvhen ruins and uncovers an ancient secret best left forgotten. They have a frightening encounter with the mad apostate on the way back to the Dalish camp and, upon arrival run into even more trouble...

The Dark figure of the evil Wizard slinks back into the dark after hurling an insult at the group – Lirresh‘s head. Russel returns down below where a hyper, borderline psychotic Issak was trying to dig a trench to free Garrick. Russel and Andana finally free Garrick after a while but the man is already weak as a kitten and coughing blood. The force-field apparatus collapses upon itself and explodes. The party shambles into the woods where they find and burn Lirresh’s body and spend a day or so for Garrick to recover. The hunter’s eyes are now a dark blue and he seems more gaunt than ever.

After resting for a whole day in the dark forest, with the winter wind howling around them, Garrick was sufficiently recovered to be able to move and Andana had brewed up a batch of poison. THe group set to travelling southwards towards the last ruin indicated to them. Upon arrival they were beset by a pack of tained Blight Wolves but were able to quickly dispatch them. The elven ruins were ancient, built underground and infested with giant spiders, creatures that nearly slew Andana and skeletons, which the heroes dispatched without a problem. The problems started when the group unbarred a door and a monstrous tainted bear called a Bereskarn leaped at them. The battle was hard but the heroes vanquished the monster, Russel slicing it open with his last ounce of strength.

What came next was harder: the heroes discovered an ancient artifact called an Eluvian , an ancient Elvhen mirror used for communication and, some say, travel. The chantry stories spoke of one being used by the magisters of Tevinter to open the Golden City Russel and Isaak had to fight Andana down to stop her from touching the artifact and Isaak brought a small piece of the ceiling down upon the mirror, cracking the surface and sending a pulse that caused great pain to Isaak and, for some strange reason, Garrick.

The group sealed the Eluvian in its chamber and barred an entryway and an entrance to the deep roads hoping to slow the spread of the taint so they had time to notify the Grey Wardens. THey resolved to not tell the elves anything about the mirror.

The group left in foul spirits back for the Dalish camp, with Russel driving them onwards and an exhausted Garrick bringing the rear. Though they marched on through the morning and the day they had to stop by nightfall as Garrick couldn’t go any further and the rest were tired as well. They only got one hour of sleep, though. During his watch Russel noticed something strange in the bushes and then discovered that Isaak’s pack, where the book of blood magic was, had disappeared. The group gave chase with Andana being in the lead. She ran like mad for almost an hour and caught up to the thief, the mad apostate. What followed was a frantic battle where Andana got the upper hand as she stalked the darkness and attacked the mad monster of a man. The apostate used dark magics to drain the life out of Andana and heal himself every time but in the end the elf got the better of him and he ran away. Andana gave chase but started to get winded after another half an hour and she was ambushed once more by the apostate. She gave everything, throwing caution to the wind and striking from the shadows with dagger and bow but while she managed to turn the apostate into a bloody mess, when she saw the beast-man starting to change into a black bristly shape she ran away, with the monster hot on her heels. The frantic chase led her back to the rest of the party where she could finally rest. The elf had managed to come back with a trophy: she had taken the apostate’s right thumb.

The heroes gave chase to the apostate but there was no way that they could catch up to him, going at the pace of the slowest of the group so they were almost a day behind when they got near the Dalish Camp again. The trail of the apostate seemed to lead back out of the woods so they chose to instead tell the Dalish about everything that had happened. They did not mention the Eluvian and the Keeper, Orellis decided that it was best if the tribe left the woods. Russel offered to take them in, which caused Garrick to complain but in the end bowed to the knight’s decision. The elves spent the better part of the next day picking up their camp and preparing to move the aravels. After a day or so the caravan set out with a storm encroaching in. And yet the aravels had barely moved for half a day when four riders approached, let by the local Bann’s son, demanding that the elves come and stand trial for child murder.

Russel tried to reason with the man but was mocked and threatened. And when the knights turned to violence the elves, already in a dour mood fought back and peppered the man with arrows. Isaak saved the Bann’s son’s life and Andana and Russel gathered up the other knights but Tarl Dale was on his way with two dozen men and the group had hours, if that, to decide what to do next. The elves, even if not guilty of the child slaying had now assaulted the Bann’s son and were outlaws who had to stand trial. There was no way to escape with the aravels and fighting their way out did not seem like a solution. And to make things worse there was a storm closing in…

Ornate elven Breastplate

700 Xp + cca 100 RpXp each +100 for Adi
Hunter’s Bane

Stat Adjustments For Garrick
Lost Blood Magic Manual

Compound Funds: 55 Sp


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