Dragon Age: The Gathering Dark

Hands of a Healer I

Isaak and Garrick are arrested but the heroes manage to convince the two templars to take a detour in order to apprehend another, more dangerous apostate.

Part Three: Hands of a Healer

Silver Tongue

As the group returned to the Ruswold they were met by the two templars who had been masquerading as merchants. Despite the party’s success against the apostate it becomes obvious that the two were there to also arrest Isaak and detain Garrick as well, who they believed to be poisoned with lyrium. Despite some shenanigans on the part of Isaak and Russel the templars took the two prisoner but allowed Russel to join them on the way to the circle the following day. As the two templars took the prisoners to a locked room in the Chantry, Russel and Andana planned their release. Rusell went over to Bann Krole to seek advice. Andana stayed behind to watch the two templars and sabotaged their cart. Inside Isaak and Garrick were well treated. The older templar went over and bought two horses under Andana’s careful scrutiny who then sabotaged the horses’ shoes as well. Isaak meanwhile was coaxed into giving some blood for a phylactery but otherwise unharmed. Sister Pliacinth told Isaak that the body of the apostate was to be burned and Ansel’s body was being prepared for sermon.

Russel, exhausted after a night of sorrow, cold and battles met up with Krole and told him all about the apostate, the templars and Isaak’s capture. Krole suggested he find a mage to speak on his behalf, prompting Russel to reveal that Alenka, Arl Neruda’s Seneschal is an apostate. The two hatched a plan to reveal her apostasy the next day and Russel rode back to Logerswold the next morning with some of Krole’s men to bring the Templars to the Bann.

The Templars hadn’t let Andana’s mischief or Isaak’s barbed tongue slow them don and were getting ready to leave when Russel came and told them that the bann had need to see them. Riding to the Bann they traded barbs over the Templar’s status in society but none seemed to get the upper hand. Mara proved to be quite jovial for a templar but Wells was quite the opposite. Arriving at the Krole Manor the templars were taken before Krole who revealed that Alenka was an apostate and convinced the Templars to go to seek her out sooner rather than later and take Isaak and Russel with them. THe Templars agreed begrudgingly and the group left soon after.

The first night on the trail was spent near the place where Russel had fought Trumhall’s Man-at-Arms. The templars answered some questions and were told some of the happenings round the Brecilian, including of the Tevene device. The younger templar concluded that Garrick might not die after all, despite his massive dose of Lyrium.

The next day was uneventful, with Isaak harassing the templars but otherwise everything being calm. They stopped for the evening in the abandoned tower ruin where Russel and Andana has stopped a week or so before. THe evening was peaceful but Both Isaak and Garrick had strange dreams of their childhood. Garrick re-lived a rival Chasind tribe raid from his childhood with a dead man’s head substituted with the Apostates’ and Isaak dreamed of his near-lynching at the hands of his neighbours when his magic first materialised but this time fought back.

The cold was getting to both the men and the horses but they pushed on southwards. They stumbled past a campsite left by a large group of riders but pushed on and spent the night at an old camp prepared by Andana several months back. That night Andana also had a violent dream and, when waking decided it was time to turn the Apostate’s collar to the templars. The templars took it and the group pushed on, with the enormity of the First Day’s events making Russel angry and sad all at once. Garrick did his best to confort the knight but to no avail.

Another uneventful but blisteringly cold night and another day-long march followed. It started to become evident that the group was making good progress despite the weather thanks largely to a recent path through the snow cut by a large group of riders. The evening was once moe uneventful.

The next morning Russel and the Templars decided to make a forced push for Vintiver hoping to arrive by nightfall. Cold and weary from the road they couldn’t make it before midnight but arrived in the village, stabled their horses and checked at the Inn. The Innkeeper was happy to welcome them and opened a cask of ale for the new arrivals but also informed Ser Russel that a group of riders had been looking for him. The innkeeper directed the knight to Tarl Dale. Russel and Andana headed to the ex man-at-arms’ house while the rest of the group and the templars stayed at the inn.

At Tarl Dale’s house the two heroes found out that the riders were indeed looking for Ser Russel and that they had been the men of a northern lord called Trumhall. Just as Russel let the news sink in and realised their importance Andana spotted a large group of riders arriving in the center of town…

Garrick – 300 + 200 rpxp
Isaak – 300 + 260 rpxp
Russel – 300 + 240 rpxp
Andana – 300 + 210 rpxp

Ser Russel – Breastplate over Light Chain
Andana – New Studded Leather Armour

Compound Funds – 15 sp


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